Sydney Teachers Protest State Strike

Sydney Teachers Protest State Strike

By Australian Free Independent Press Network

Sydney, teachers protest state strike. Starting from NSW Parliament, this protest by the NTEU has a ‘Freedom Fighters Unite’ contingent and plans to March across the city.

Here’s what others had to say:

Ofelya Burgemeister
I think this protest was made to distract people from creating an anti-vaccination protest – masks, vaccines and especially the vaccination of children – who is our future.

Jo Levey
Good on yas for this protest but it would have be nice if they supported the colleagues that were fired for not jabbing.

Graeme Lembcke
IF THE GOBVERNMENT MANDATES didnt sack so many Teachers there wouldnt be staff shortages…..END THE MANDATES……..

Kellie Fletcher
They don’t care about education it’s a hunt

Penny Lepis
Parents will take their children out of schools.That means more teachers will lose their jobs.Stay away from our children government.

Geoffrey McMah
This Gov is so crupt they dont want living memories for 2050

Marj McRae
I would have a lot more sympathy if they had gone out on strike in support of their fired colleagues. But they want more pay. Again. It has always appeared to me that teachers were perfectly well paid.

Chris Owen
All the ones I have watched have had this issue.
Good on you FB censoring of free speech.

Trinity Wightman
Everyone needs to pull their kids out of the schools every single day until they stop this bloody mandate nonsense.

Wendy Orr
Woooohooooo what a beautiful site more and more joining forces

Jean Facey
No live streaming will work properly when the truth is spoken 😪

Wen Kent
PARENTS JUST DROP OFF KIDS!! thats such BS, this gov has forced 2 parents to work to survive,,get a grip

Mat Pack
They don’t give a s … t about the education of your kids …. Their kids are not impacted by what is happening we are living in 2 différents worlds – theybetter kill us quick before we go get them

Nita Cahill
Not sure if you know? It’s breaking up, can’t hear or see the footage properly

Joseph Webby
Sorry teachers but I’m not convinced. Support the one’s that stood up for your rights and your children and your win people over.

Vero Flores
Thank you for this LIVE!!! CHANNEL 7 doing a live for this, didn’t do it for our freedom protests 😡😡😡

Wen Kent
Couple of years ago Vic were taking teachers with ATAR of 19..tells you everything you need to know, its a job of uneducated looking for top dollar

Eleanor Forbes
We Stand United.
Fighting For Our Sovereignties Under The Eureka Flag.

Joseph Webby
Surely fighting for your rights and freedoms would outweigh money.

Paulette Gurry
It’s because the government stops the signal, hence why the coverage is iffy

Jen Plew
Once the jab is mandatory you may not have this issue as parent will hopefully withdraw their children in protest of this outrageous idea of vaccination

Te Smith
I use to care about teachers wages until U only stand up for the money not the kids

Russell Berzinski
Brilliant need to bring Australia to a stand still.

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