Thomas Renz | Pfizer Admits Never Manufactured the FDA Approved Vaxxine + Chinese Tyranny

Thomas Renz | Pfizer Admits Never Manufactured the FDA Approved Vaxxine + Chinese Tyranny

By Thrivetime Show: The ReAwakening versus The Great Reset


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all military and people that were forced shot mandates should file lawsuits immediately against the government

I share this information and information just like it with everyone I know; and, all it does is make people hate me or call me a conspiracy theorists. Most people just want their heads in the sand so they can live a lie and pretend it is not happening. It is time to say forget the ignorant, kiss this civilization goodbye and get ready for some mad max shit. If you live in a big city get out or kiss your ass goodbye. If you have land get your garden going now, get chickens, guns and ammo organize your friends to have a plan when the cell towers go out.

How long are the people of the West going to look at these people and not wake up to the fact they are NAZI’s? The whole group! WHO, WEF, UN, DC, both DC Parties.

To these POWER-DRUNK DICTATORS, the REAL ‘emergency’ is an AWAKENING of HUMANITY. “You awake is THEIR GREATEST FEAR.”-Q, WHATEVER [[[[THEY]]]] say-it’s the OPPOSITE. Julie Green and Amanda Grace have given several prophetic words from the LORD about BLUEPRINTS, AGENDAS and ANTIQUATED VIRUSES. The JUDGEMENT of these WICKED ‘LEADERS’ is AT HAND.

Airforce documents say they can’t force unlicenced vax, but they are.

The United Nations and its NGOs are filled with liar’s, cheats and thieves who stay relevant by committing arson so they can put the fire out. If there are no problems, they are not needed and will have to go home and starve in their 3rd world shit holes. To maintain the iron rice bowls, like sucker fish they have attached themselves to authoritarians, eugenicists and Malthusians like Gates, Commie China and the shylocks, loan sharks, usurers, and freebooters working out of the WEF. All of these “emergencies” are made to order and are part of a globalist RICO protection racket.

“we see climate change” *Builds more 5G towers putting out microwaves that heat it up more* When y’all start doing something to lower global warming, instead of contributing to it, let me know and I’ll jump on board.

Excellent compilation! Thanks Clay!

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